Five Thoughts to Consider

About Preneed and Final Expense Funding


Future Planning Services, LLC began in April 2003, after founder, Karen L. Golden, had spent 13 years helping people pre-plan and pre-fund their funerals. Karen previously served families through local independent funeral homes. She discovered from her experience that two primary barriers prevent people from pre-planning. The first is coming to terms with mortality. The second is the fear of making the wrong financial decisions.

Many people say, “I’m not planning to die right now!”

What they mean is they are not ready to think about the idea of their own death, much less plan for it.
Statistics show that 10 out of 10 people die and few would disagree with this.

You may not be able to predict the time of your passing but you can plan for what follows. Future Planning Services, LLC is here to help you through this initial reluctance and make the planning a positive, thoughtful experience.

The cost of a funeral can be substantial.

Regardless of your choices, someone will bear the cost.

Future Planning Services, LLC is here to help you determine what these costs might be and ensure that funds are available at the time of need.

We inform our clients about state laws and how they apply to those who choose to pre-plan and pre-fund.

Each state is regulated differently and each client needs to understand how to ensure that their plan is portable.

First Thought to Consider

1) Providers of preneed services and pre-funding solutions must have the necessary background, experience, and commitment to properly serve their clients.

Based in North Carolina, Karen Golden, president of Future Planning Services, has personally assisted people with pre-planning since 1990. She began her pre-planning career in San Diego, California, where the regulation is completely different than most of the east coast. More than a decade later, Karen still believes strongly in pre-planning and is, more than ever, committed to the process. She believes that more people would become comfortable with their options if they knew the facts about what is involved, the laws in their state and how pre-planning is regulated.
Karen Golden holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a specialty in management and organizational development. She and her qualified funeral directors and licensed insurance agents currently extend their services throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

“Knowledgeable” and “committed” are words that should describe the company and individuals who assist you with planning for the fulfillment of your final wishes and plans. These are words that describe Future Planning Services and Karen Golden and their representatives.

Second Thought to Consider

2) Your funeral is one of the most important life event that you can plan for.

Being prepared, of course, means different things to different families and individuals. In this case, it can be about peace of mind for all concerned. It’s about being able to make choices for yourself and your family, calmly and objectively, without pressure and without obligation.

All your life, you’ve worked hard and made difficult financial decisions to take care of your family and yourself. This decision is one that will ensure that your final wished are fulfilled and will ease your loved ones tremendous emotional burden at this most difficult of times.

Future Planning Services, LLC can assist you by providing objective and independent expertise on final expense and funeral planning.

Third Thought to Consider

3) There are reasons to consider advance planning.

Depending on your plan, value can increases over time, at defined growth rates.
Optional payment plans such as single or multi-year payment plans are available. Some plans will pay off your policy in full upon death. Early payoff plans can also save you money.
There is a program for everyone. Based on your overall health condition, we have a plan that will work for you.
You have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund, if you change your mind.
Planning in advance will help you protect your loved ones from confusion and costly mistakes.
Gain peace of mind by knowing that your funeral is take care of.
Advance Funeral Planning is endorsed by Lawyers, Trust Officers and Financial Planners as an effective way to provide for final expenses and preserve your assets for your beneficiaries.

Fourth Thought to Consider

4) Consumers need critical and accurate information on the purpose and benefits of preneed planning.

Laws and regulations governing preneed funeral planning as well as strict regulations impose on the funeral industry are not only numerous but ever-increasing. While this is meant to protect consumers, it also adds to the complexity and confusion centering around the multiple tasks of funeral planning and funding and the consumer’s right -to-choice.

With so much education needed in this area, both media and industry regulators have pretty consistently failed to fully inform consumers about their rights and their options.

Most information provided by the mass media, on TV and in print, contains a high degree or inaccuracy and is generally provided by people with education or experience in this field. Tips provided are usually not state-specific and lack the details to make it relevant to reach state’s laws, since this type of planning is regulated on a state and federal level.

This is where FPS can assist the consumer seeking information about pre-planning. Each state is regulated differently. You need to know how the state you live in protects you, if you choose to pre-plan your final expenses and pre-fund you funeral.

Future Planning Services, LLC is committed to separating fact from fiction for the consumer by providing critically needed information on the purpose and benefits of preneed planning.

Fifth Thought to Consider

5) Consumer protection is guaranteed by Statement of Commitment.

The consumer’s right-to-choice is protected through Future Planning Services, LLC’s commitment to the following:
Complying fully with consumers and/or partners’ policies and wishes and with the laws and regulations governing preneed funeral planning in North Carolina.
Directing the consumer to a licensed funeral home, licensed funeral director and/or licensed preneed seller of his/her choice for all discussions of specific prices, goods, services and merchandise.
Having the consumer who initiates the conversation on preened funeral planning indicate their preferred funeral home provider in writing.
Having the consumer indicate by initials that they requested information at the time of the visit on the concept of preneed funeral planning.
Having the consumer indicate by initials that they requested information on limited death benefits and insurance funding.


We sometimes say, “It’s never too early to start planning.” When it comes to preneed planning, it could one day be too late.

Arranging and pre-funding your funeral can provide peace of mind and confidence that your final wishes will be met.

Most of the important events in your life require preparation such as buying a home, managing a business, saving for college, planning for retirement and providing for your heirs. If not more important than these other milestones, this final event is certainly as important and merits serious consideration and preparation.

Take the time to sit down with a licensed Future Planning Services representative to obtain more specific information. Yours and your family’s peace of mind may depend upon it.

Disclosure: Future Planning Services, LLC utilizes licensed insurance representatives and licensed funeral directors. Whereas we protect the consumer by providing consumer education on the concept of preneed funeral arranging and funding, our licensed insurance agents are not attorneys and do not provide advice on the law and regulation.

Future Planning is not a funeral home, but an independent company specializing in funeral planning education and funding. Group discussions and workshops available.

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