Funeral Home Partners

Working together to allow you to serve your community & educate your familes on the advantages of pre-planning & pre-funding.

Online Sales & Internet Marketing for Funeral Homes

Providing a 24/7 Access to Planning & Funding. Easy & Convenient Process for Your Families

We use internet marketing in your community to drive people interested in establishing pre-need & pre-funding cremation and funeral arrangements to your website to register and sign-up. After they are registered, you receive ongoing commissions.

We do all of the processing of the application and payment.

Our internet marketing will also send interested customers through your doors.

Watch the video (below) consumers will see on your site before registering to establish pre-need cremation and funeral arrangements.

How It Works


Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing team uses search engine optimization (SEO) and/or ads on Google or Facebook to reach people interested in prefunding final expenses.


Consumer Finds You

When a consumer in your area is on the internet and searches for prefunding final expenses (and related terms), they are directed to your website.


A Pre-Arrangement is Completed

This process can take only 5 minutes to complete.


I’m Interested – Let’s Talk!

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Traditional Marketing

When we serve our partner funeral homes, we engage the community on several levels so that their family can be confident of their choices.

One of the the outstanding privileges of pre-planning is putting into motion personal plans, for the time of need.

With our exclusive “Say Something Wonderful Today”TM Future Planning Services can assist your firm with extending invitations to your community so that they can express, record to their loved ones, messages of fond memories, love and legacy.

We only serve the senior market and have been serving funeral homes since 2003. We are compassionate and professional from start to finish.

We will do the work.

So that you can focus on what you do best. Care for your families, their friends and loved ones.

Proven marketing specifically customized to your funeral home.

Implemented with compassion & integrity.

Supported with care by knowledgeable professionals.

Strategy & Implementation


Marketing Analysis

To determine your level of participation in marketing to your community.

See Alan Creedy’s website at Funeral Home Consulting regarding pre-need analysis and guaranteeing funeral’s.


Special Niche Marketing

For Veteran’s, Aftercare and Speaker Bureaus

Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Managing

For full time active programs

Brochures and Sales Support

For caring follow-through


For added credibility

How It Works

First, we can determine the best pre-need product based on financial soundness of an insurance company by completing a exclusive pre-need product analysis.This provides our clients the best chance of securing their future pre-need business with the strongest product for their particular block of business. Future Planning Services, LLC has developed relationships with carriers who are strong and reliable to do business with. We watch the financial health of our carriers, so you don’t have to. We recognize that the course of your day demands your attention to your families. While the recent economy has demanded that you pay closer attention to insurance companies, we make sure we do that for you.
Secondly, we provide the level of marketing you wish to achieve.

Future Planning Services, LLC can deliver a high quality pre-need product to you or you can request a full time program based on your call volume and desire to become active in your community. Regardless of your choice, Future Planning Services, LLC is dedicated in assisting you in selecting a financially healthy company that provides the most value to you and the families you serve.

Some exclusions do apply. Please contact us for details.

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"Karen and her team integrated into our operation and have made a good program great. We are on track for one of our biggest years of sales..."

“Our firm started with Karen’s firm when we decided we needed a fresh look at our prearranged funeral operations. Our counselor was looking for more guidance and individual attention than we could provide. Karen and her staff stepped up and filled the void. As a result of her firm and management of the prearranged funeral operation, we are on track for one of our biggest years of sales.

“This was our first step into a relationship with a third party marketer. We had concerns about the loss of control of our program. Karen and her team integrated into our operation and have made a good program great.”

David R. Pearson
Hinchliff-Pearson-West, Inc.