Your Celebration of Life Story About Your Greatest Achievements


Documenting the story of our greatest achievement(s) may sound as if we needed to have accomplished something of epic proportions, and for some of us, we did or are…but many of us might have been glad just to have survived life, or perhaps we made it in such a way that was the most meaningful to us. For some of us just raising or being a part of a great family was what made us happy and while perhaps not notable to others…it was our greatest achievement.

 As we write our Celebration of Life story, let this once again reflect what is in our hearts and not discount perhaps some of the simple pleasures in life.

12 Areas of life that may be, for you, your greatest achievement.

  1.  Surviving war, immigrating, fleeing a dictatorship
  2. Overcoming a learning disability, handicap, personal limitation that thrust you onto a career path that made all the difference.
  3. Becoming a foster parent, adopting children
  4. Spending your life serving as a missionary, helping far less fortunate people
  5. Committing your life’s work played an important role in…?
  6. Raising your children
  7. Going back to school to experience meaningful work
  8. Rescuing animals
  9. Rescuing people
  10. Saving lives…how?
  11. Just loving people
  12. Writing a book on?

Some of us may have more than one achievement. While we may be proud of our children, we may also have launched a second and very meaningful career that made all the different to others.

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