Why It’s Important to Begin Writing Now for Your Celebration of Life

How does anyone capture their entire life in an effort to tell their story? Is it possible? What do we focus on? Where do we begin to write for our “Celebration of Life”?

Well…the answer to these questions rest within each of us. We begin, perhaps, where we feel our lives were most relevant, vital, or where we made our great break through. The place we begin may not be as important as just beginning.

It is a practical approach to start at the beginning…where we were born. This is important, but let’s not fall into the habit of writing an obituary. This is the anti-obituary. This is coloring the most vivid version of our life. This story has pain, and challenge, defeat and failure. This story, we write about ourselves, is passionate. It is delightful, perhaps tragic. We are the center. We lived, we learned and one day we die. Let’s capture who we were. Generations from now we have the ability to leave photos, videos, and music. Our future generations can really know us. They can learn from us. What will we teach them?

What part of your life has meant the most? Why did you cherish that time so much? Where were you and what happened that made this cycle so wonderful? How did it end, or what did it lead to? Perhaps that time started off with an ending, which ushered in a new beginning. What were your trials, and what were you trying to achieve? Did you accomplish what you wanted? Regardless, would you have done that again…why or why not? What did you learn?

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