The Cost of Celebrating Your Life

If we have time, why would we not plan this most worthy event?

 What would the costs be for our Celebration of Life? The answer depends on how you want to carry out this celebration. Like a wedding, we can go to City Hall, or we can have an elaborate event.

 If you plan on utilizing your local funeral home, often the cost of the facilities are very reasonable and any local caterer can assist with estimating the cost of food and beverages based on your choice of fare. It would be necessary to ask the funeral home if their facilities can accommodate food and beverage. Once you have established that, they may recommend caterers who can help to create a Celebration of Life reflective of your wishes. Many funeral homes have created spaces just for this and are happy to accommodate you.

 If you have decided on a separate venue, then aside from your funeral costs, the Celebration of Life can be as elaborate or simple as you can imagine.

 We have heard of beach gathering with bon fires, where everyone brings a dish.

 We have known of fully catered events at restaurants, where the deceased had been known and loved eating,

 Creating an, In Loving Memory, is best thought out before the time of need (Pre-need).

 If you plan now, it is easy to place funds aside each month to ensure your Celebration of Life is special.

 The following steps are a beginning:

  1.  Are you happy with asking the local funeral home if they have an event center, or a space set aside for this?
  2. Do you imagine a casual family gathering? Where is that special place? The time of year can be delayed to fit everyone’s schedule. Would that be necessary?
  3. Do you envision a special hotel or restaurant completely separate from funeral/cremation services? What is the location?
  4. If you would like to feed people, how do you envision that? Is this informal or formal.
  5. Will this be a party, or more of a quiet gathering?
  6. Is there a theme that is befitting?

 Based on your answers, you will have a beginning to start. Answer those basic questions, and the caterer will help you carry out what you have in mind.

 Ask your caterer/event planner, what the all inclusive price per head is. Add any music, decorations, or rental charges. Who will act as MC?

 Martinis or Tea? Plan away and reach out to us for help and placement of funds so your Celebration of Life is sure to happen.

 Click below for your FREE Celebration of Life Planning Guide.  It’s time to begin.

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