Telling Your True Love Story for Your Celebration of Life…

Most people love a true love story…it suggests happiness…we all want a happy ending.

Some of us, find love in peculiar places…some of us never find love in a mate, but we find love through service to others, or a business, or helping animals. We find our true passion in life through our causes.

What is your true love story…


I always loved children and devoted my life to children. I was a foster mom to 30 children over my life. Unable to have children of my own, I felt a pull to be there for those children in a transition whereby their own families could not provide. I knew that being kind to them, providing a warm bed, and showing them love was the best gift I could provide them even if I couldn’t keep them. Sometimes these children were able to go back to their families, but sometimes they were adopted.

I felt a kinship to these young people and loved them with all my heart.

I was lucky to be supported in this effort by my wonderful husband, Ron, of 35 years when I lost him in 2005.


Mary met Nelson before the war. He was striking, but polite. He was smitten immediately with Mary. Engaged fairly quickly, Mary recalls, Nelson getting “fresh”…so she took her engagement ring off…handed it back and said “this is not a learners permit”.   They married before Nelson went off to the war, and remained a true inspiration of what marriage is for so many people. As Mary passed at the age of 95 years old, and ten years after Nelson passed, she often stated before her death, she missed him and was ready to be with him again.

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