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7 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Own “Celebration of Life”

    Who knows your life any better than YOU?  No one!  Your life is unique to you and cannot be fully experienced or known by anyone else, because your life has been lived in stages.  You were first known by your immediate family (parents, siblings), … [Read more]

“It’s too early. I’m too young.”

Accepting our mortality is very difficult to do but important that we do it. Pre-planning a funeral will ultimately save you money but also relieve grieving relatives during a difficult time and even ensure that family tensions don’t interfere … [Read more]

Peter Gabriel – I Grieve

This is a beautiful song about grief. Peter Gabriel - I grieve   "I Grieve" it was only one hour ago it was all so different then there's nothing yet has really sunk … [Read more]

A children’s story.

This video speaks a thousand words. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin A girl I know wanted this video to be played at her funeral when she dies. She feels it represents everything she wants to leave behind in HER legacy. Reminding her friends … [Read more]

How to write a Eulogy

Eulogy comes from a Greek word, meaning ‘good words’ and can be a speech or piece of writing in praise or as a tribute to the life of a person. A eulogy is a healing experience, for you and for family and friends of the deceased. It is an … [Read more]

Gordon and Norma Yeager – a real-life love story

An American couple who had been married for 72 years, died one hour apart last week in hospital as they held hands. This is the story of Iowa natives Gordon, 94, and Norma Yeager, 90 and its seems to be a real-life love story. Their son Dennis … [Read more]

Zach Sobiech

  Zach Sobiech, aged just 14, found out he had a rare form of terminal cancer (Osteosarcoma).  Life tried to beat him down but he lived it anyway - the way and for as long as he could. He passed away last year - May 20, 2013. … [Read more]