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Telling A Childhood Story for Your Celebration of Life

When we think of telling our childhood story, it can seem overwhelming to include our entire life. Was our entire life a story in its entirety, or were there aspects worth expanding on? Helpful ways to make your story told is to perhaps focus on … [Read more]

Celebration of Life – Lessons I Learned

Life is full of lessons. We either took heed, or perhaps we did not! What were your most important take a ways from life? What were your greatest challenges resulting in a great growth period on you life? Below are some starter topics to spur your … [Read more]

Your Celebration of Life Story About Your Greatest Achievements

  Documenting the story of our greatest achievement(s) may sound as if we needed to have accomplished something of epic proportions, and for some of us, we did or areā€¦but many of us might have been glad just to have survived life, or perhaps … [Read more]

Celebration of Life – Greatest Dream

Documenting our greatest dream(s) in our Celebration of Life is simply writing what your dreams were. Most of us fulfilled some dreams, and then of course, some we just did not for a variety of reasons. Dreams sometimes are for certain periods … [Read more]

How Do We Make Our Children a Part of Our Celebration of Life Story?

Let's Talk Children! For those of you who plan on parenting, are parenting, or have parented (is parenting ever over) will be, or is, or was very life defining times in life. Your relationship with your children is filled with wonder, … [Read more]

A Personal Time in My Life for my Celebration of Life

Example of a time in my life that was especially meaningful...A time that meant something to me which may be beneficial for my Celebration of Life. I was not college material. No one encouraged me to go to college. There was no plan. My … [Read more]

Why It’s Important to Begin Writing Now for Your Celebration of Life

How does anyone capture their entire life in an effort to tell their story? Is it possible? What do we focus on? Where do we begin to write for our "Celebration of Life"? Well...the answer to these questions rest within each of us. We begin, … [Read more]