How Do We Make Our Children a Part of Our Celebration of Life Story?

Let’s Talk Children!

For those of you who plan on parenting, are parenting, or have parented (is parenting ever over)…it will be, or is, or was very life defining times in life.

Your relationship with your children is filled with wonder, worry, happiness, sadness and hopefully appreciation for the journey.

Take time to recognize this journey in your own words by describing how you anticipated it, what perhaps concerned you and how you handled all the obstacles.

There aren’t to many people I know who can say life is always idyllic.  Therefore, we learn, perhaps the most through the more trying times.

  • How many children did you have?
  • How were they different?
  • What challenged them in life and how did or do you support their challenges?
  • What did or do you wish for them?
  • Where did or do they travel?
  • How are they impacting the world?
  • How do they inspire you?
  • How did they make you grow?
  • What path are they taking?
  • What was your purpose for them?
  • Add any insights about them that you would like for them to know.  What made them unique in your eyes?

Parenting changes us in ways nothing else can.  How did parenting your children affect you?

Find a picture of a special time with your child and write them a love letter?


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