Future Planning Services, LLC provides two essential functions to our clients. The first function is to determine the best pre-need product based on financial soundness of an insurance company by completing a exclusive pre-need product analysis. This gives our clients the best chance of securing their future pre-need business with the strongest product for their particular block of business. Future Planning Services, LLC has developed relationships with carriers who are strong and reliable to do business with. We watch the financial health of our carriers, so you don’t have to. We recognize that the course of your day demands your attention to your families. While the recent economy has demanded that you pay closer attention to insurance companies, we make sure we do that for you. The second function is to determine the level of marketing you wish to achieve. Future Planning Services, LLC can deliver a high quality pre-need product to you for you to write your own pre-need business, or you can request a full time program based on your call volume and desire to become active in your community. Regardless of your choice, Future Planning Services, LLC is dedicated in assisting you in selecting a financially healthy company that provides the most value to you and the families you serve.


  • Pre-need Product Analysis to determine the best product for your firm
  • Marketing Analysis to determine your level of participation in marketing to your community
  • Special niche marketing for Veteran’s, Aftercare and Speaker Bureaus
  • Recruiting, hiring, training and managing for full time active programs
  • Final Expense and Tele Sales Programs
  • Brochures and sales support
  • Product analysis
  • Testimonials
  • Affiliations