Celebration of Life – Lessons I Learned

Life is full of lessons. We either took heed, or perhaps we did not! What were your most important take a ways from life? What were your greatest challenges resulting in a great growth period on you life?

Below are some starter topics to spur your recollection on to writing out your lessons learned for your Celebration of Life.

Perseverance! I was not a great student…and whatever I accomplished in life, it was the result of steady perseverance.

Perseverance required that I become accustomed to failure, but in that failure…perseverance granted me the gift of success.

Life is sprinkled with so much opportunity we can learn early to look under every stone. We didn’t pick up every stone, or put it in my pocket, but life’s opportunity certainly presented enough stones to grasp fully there were many opportunities and that each one would come with a certain price. Perhaps that price was a growth opportunity that tapped great fear in us. In that moment, did we gain the courage to keep going?

Only perseverance provided the courage to do so.

Life is a process. Anything that has ever been accomplished came with its’ share of dark days…days we may not believe, or lost faith in our ability to succeed. In time, life will come around again and breathe life into me enough to change course, recover, or simply reinvent myself.

All things reveal themselves over time. The truth will set you free. What is your truth in life…how you see life…what you expect(ed )out of it?

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