Celebration of Life – Greatest Dream

Documenting our greatest dream(s) in our Celebration of Life is simply writing what your dreams were.

Most of us fulfilled some dreams, and then of course, some we just did not for a variety of reasons. Dreams sometimes are for certain periods of time and while they may have presented themselves…perhaps the timing in life was not the best to reach out for a particular dream.

Did you have a fork in the road? You were pursuing your dream, but perhaps you fell in love and took a different road?

Were you on the path of pursuing your dream, but you were diverted due to family obligations, or an accident/illness?

Were you desiring to pursue a dream, but the risk was too great?

Did you pursue your dream, and the cost was very high? Did you lose something in exchange for pursuing your dream? Did you leave anyone behind?

Did you feel you must pursue your dream in order to fulfill your highest good?

Do you have any regrets about either pursuing your dreams or not being able to pursue because of fear or other obligations?

 What would you like people to know about this aspect of your life? What lessons would you like your future generations to know about your dreams?

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