Careers with Future Planning Services, LLC

We are a small, exclusive agency specializing in helping agents and licensed funeral directors learn how to help their clients plan and fund end of life events. “Everyone has a story; what’s yours?” is a service we offer to ensure each person is able to illustrate the essence of themselves through their story.

We provide a variety of training opportunities designed to provide education and information on the value of The Funeral and Estate Trust. Additionally, we believe Everyone has a story and we help our clients tell their story. This enables our clients to tackle this last purchase in a supportive and confident manner, so that their loved ones are not left with the emotional and financial stress of this task, at the time of death.

While we provide sound financial solutions to funeral planning and funding, we are essentially assisting people to think about their life story and to find a way for them to tell their story. We believe this is their funeral service and they should be there (in spirit).

We understand the laws/regulations in the states we conduct business in and as such have carefully created products/services designed to support our agents conduct business for either one of our funeral home clients or independent from an associated firm.

Are you are interested in becoming an agent or exploring an advanced planning opportunity with a funeral home? Contact Future Planning Services today. We appreciate your interest and look forward to talking with you.

Email Karen Golden at or call (919)451-9223.