A Personal Time in My Life for my Celebration of Life

Example of a time in my life that was especially meaningful…A time that meant something to me which may be beneficial for my Celebration of Life.

I was not college material. No one encouraged me to go to college. There was no plan. My parents had not gone to college. I graduated from high school and there was no guidance. So, I floated. I floated into a community college out of default. Many of my friends were going and so I registered and began two years that were really healthy.

What happened over the next two years was wonderful. First, I only took classes I excelled at. They counted for my General Ed requirements, but I took a few classes just for fun. I took a flight attendant class. I decided…I wanted to be a flight attendant. It turns out that never happened, but it was a great experience. I cut my very long blond hair because the teacher said long hair was immature. We could be viewed as immature as a job applicant. Change was in the air. I embraced it.

Because I took classes that counted, but only classes I really wanted, my GPA increased dramatically, and with it my self-esteem. By the end of the two years, I had enough confidence to keep going. I had found my groove.

The story of college didn’t actually result in a degree until I was 40 years old, but the evidence I showed myself that I was capable, and I could succeed was a very valuable lesson to me. It gave me a great piece of life to look back on and it developed me.

If I had a grandchild, I would encourage them to just spend time after high school in a community college. It is not expensive, and it provided an environment to figure oneself out. This turns out to be a very important process in our early 20’s. We aren’t much good at that point to society…we are still growing. Best we stay in school to continue our growth process. It requires enough of us to develop discipline and it bides our time while we continue to grow. I am grateful I floated into community college.

In this writing, about a period in our life, we accomplish two things. We provide a history of a point in time. We leave a lesson learned. Dig in. What else happened during those years…oh well, I forgot to tell you…I took scuba diving lessons, and earned an advanced scuba diving license. Why you ask? Well, that is where all the guys were?

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