7 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Own “Celebration of Life”

    Who knows your life any better than YOU?  No one!  Your life is unique to you and cannot be fully experienced or known by anyone else, because your life has been lived in stages.  You were first known by your immediate family (parents, siblings), then by your mate, children or those knowing you more intimately during the adult phase of your life.  No one knows your complete life story like you do.

  • From your earliest memories, you became who you are through your life experiences.  We evolve throughout life.  Document your evolution by writing your own “Celebration of Life”.
  • Documenting your life will give a written history of your life and why your life path took the direction it did.
  • Everyone has a story unique to them.  It may have not always been a fairy tale, but may have resulted in great triumphs, hardships or difficulties, which in turn created an experience or outcome.
  • Your life was a product of generations before you.  Who are those people?  Where did you come from?  Were you adopted?  Documenting this is so valuable as your heritage could be lost in just two generations.
  • You possibly made regrettable choices with unhappy circumstances, and if your family knew, could become a lesson for future generations.
  • You possibly made wise choices with happy circumstances of which you are very grateful, and your family should know of your good times.
  • How would documenting significant life experiences or personal lessons help future generations, or help raise up your survivors?  This is what we learned in life and how we would like to pass on our lessons.

    Celebrating our lives is significant and a ritual which is fading due to changing traditions.  The pace of life is hastening.  Take the time to record your particular life story so that through trials and triumphs, you provide a guide to your survivors on how to celebrate your life, for it is yours alone.♥

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