“It’s too early. I’m too young.”

Accepting our mortality is very difficult to do but important that we do it.

Pre-planning a funeral will ultimately save you money but also relieve grieving relatives during a difficult time and even ensure that family tensions don’t interfere with your wishes.

The main difference between a planned funeral and an “at-need” funeral is simply time and pressure.

For sudden death cases, funeral decisions have to be made quickly and during the time when survivors are in the midst of grieving.This can be a difficult time where those grieving do not have the capability to think of how the deceased would have wanted their funeral.

Have you preplanned your funeral or has your loved one? Have you attended one where someone had? We would love to hear your thoughts, good, bad or indifferent.

A children’s story.

This video speaks a thousand words.

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

A girl I know wanted this video to be played at her funeral when she dies. She feels it represents everything she wants to leave behind in HER legacy. Reminding her friends and family to be strong, brave, smart and that she would always be with them is her way of saying goodbye when the words will no longer come out of her mouth.

It is a touching video no doubt but what do you think of it?