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How to Help a Senior Through the Funeral Planning Process

Losing a loved one can bring about unimaginable grief. For anyone, let alone a senior grieving for their spouse, the funeral planning process can be overwhelming. By providing support, you can help lessen the strain placed on a senior's shoulders and … [Read more]

Tips To Ease Financial Stress During a Celebration of Life…

There are so many emotions involved when we lose a spouse. Life as it was has changed in so many ways and sometimes one of those changes is taking on new responsibilities financially or dealing with possibly unexpected financial matters. This can … [Read more]

Following the Celebration of Life – Helping Your Loved Ones Through Grief

We plan our Celebration of Life service and leave memories for our family to treasure, but when we are no longer here, our loved ones are left in their grief.  In addition to our ideas for dealing with grief in our Celebration of Life Planning Guide … [Read more]

The Cost of Celebrating Your Life

If we have time, why would we not plan this most worthy event?  What would the costs be for our Celebration of Life? The answer depends on how you want to carry out this celebration. Like a wedding, we can go to City Hall, or we can have an … [Read more]

Is There a Difference Between a Funeral and a Celebration of Life?

The term Celebration of Life is a relatively new phrase.  It can mean many things since we celebrate many aspects of our lives (births, marriages, baptisms, retirement, etc.). With regard, specifically to death, we have traditionally processed … [Read more]

Telling Your True Love Story for Your Celebration of Life…

Most people love a true love story…it suggests happiness…we all want a happy ending. Some of us, find love in peculiar places…some of us never find love in a mate, but we find love through service to others, or a business, or helping animals. We … [Read more]

Telling A Childhood Story for Your Celebration of Life

When we think of telling our childhood story, it can seem overwhelming to include our entire life. Was our entire life a story in its entirety, or were there aspects worth expanding on? Helpful ways to make your story told is to perhaps focus on … [Read more]